Hero Genesis Influencer NFT (GIN)

HERO GIN consists of two identical NFTs - HeroCat and HeroDog, intricately linked to the influencer account and serving as digital representations of influencers, their credibility and their ranking within the Hero X ecosystem.


  • Verify: Influencers/Users must verify their profile on Hero X via Twitter and link their wallet address.

  • Share: Influencers/Users are required to share a tweet that they have joined the platform

HERO GIN are unlimited in number as new influencers join the platform and meet eligibility criteria above, but each user/influencer will have only two NFTs linked to their account. The two HERO GIN would be called the following:

  • HeroDog

  • HeroCat

Hero GIN holder will be entitled to earn 1% revenue share on each NFT from the trading volume of their respective HIK. For more details, please refer our blog. [Blog]

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