Hero Influencer Keys (HIKs)

The Hero X platform has introduced a new approach to value creation, accountability, and sharing by offering a solution where influencers/users can mint their own proprietary Keys - Hero Influencer Keys (HIKs). This allows their fans, traders, and other crypto audiences not only to engage but also to stake a claim in their favourite (or not-so-favourite) influencers' success.

HIK acts as an overall social score for the influencer, representing their value based on factors such as their win rate, the number of HIKs holders, and other social data, beginning with their number of followers on Twitter. Each HIK is linked to the X (Twitter) account of the influencer to provide more data about them.

The better the influencer, the higher the HIK price, resulting in better revenue for the influencer as well as for Hero GIN holders associated with that influencer.

HIKs will be launched in May 2024, for more details please refer our blog.

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