Refer a Hero

This is an exclusive program designed for everyone — our early users, DeFi degens, traders and influencers. The earlier you are, the higher your earnings. REFER A HERO allows users to earn $Hero XP & $HEROX tokens rewards for using Hero X, participating in various activities, contests & campaigns.

How Does REFER A HERO Work:

  • Step 1: CLICK ON THE REFERRAL LINK — Open the Referral Link & join the airdrop dashboard with your unique code.

  • Step 2: COMPLETE BASIC TASKS — Complete basic tasks on your screen, such as linking your Twitter and connecting your wallet to claim $Hero XP

  • Step 3: RECEIVE $HERO XP — Upon completion of above steps, users will receive 10 $HERO XP

  • Step 4: Stake minimum 1 USDT and earn another 50 $HERO XP and your first “SUPERSPIN” to complete your basic journey on Hero X. The more you stake, the higher your earnings in $Hero XP and more the chances of a SUPER SPIN.

EARN MORE BY REFERRING MORE — The Referral Chains go up to three levels for each referee. You receive a +16% bonus when your direct invites earn points, +8% when their invites (Secondary Invitees) earn points, and +4% when their invites (Tertiary Invitees) earn points.

For more details, please refer our blog.

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