Revenue Sharing & Generation


We are proud to present a sustainable model for the $HEROX token within the Hero X ecosystem, which encompasses token burning and revenue sharing mechanisms. Ensuring fairness and transparency, our revenue model is designed to benefit both $HEROX token holders and support the continuous development and promotion of the platform

  • $HEROX Holders & Stakers (50% of Revenue) As a testament to our commitment to the community, a significant portion of the revenue, amounting to 50%, is directly allocated to $HEROX token holders & stakers. This ensures that as the platform grows and prospers, so does the community that believes and invests in it.

  • Platform Development, Maintenance, and Marketing (50% of Revenue) The remaining 50% is strategically reinvested into the platform. This allocation ensures: Team Compensation Rewarding the hard-working team behind $HEROX, ensuring that we continue to attract and retain top talent Maintenance To guarantee a seamless user experience, continuous platform updates, and robust security measures Marketing & Outreach To grow the platform's user base, foster partnerships, and maintain a dominant presence in the industry.


While the specific means of revenue will evolve with market needs and opportunities, some primary channels will include:

  • Commission on Hero Pools

  • Unclaimed KoL commission to be used to buyback & burn $HEROX

  • Fees on trading of HIK

  • Sale of Hero GIN

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